Binary Mapping

Binary Mapping


1321-23 Binary Mapping







Cold Wax & Oil on Cradled Boards, each sized 12″ x 12″

Set of 3 for $550

This set of three paintings started out as an idea to explore my relationship to the numbers from 0 to 10, specifically how every number has a specific meaning or representation to me. However, these paintings did not go according to plan. Here is my story…

It was early May 2013. I was due to arrive in Mineral Point Wisconsin for a cold wax & oil workshop with Rebecca Crowell on the first of June. We had been asked to start a series of paintings on which we would continue to paint during the workshop. I struggled with a concept for several weeks, finally settling on the number idea (described above) and so, began my series.

I opted to choose only 3 colours – blue, red & yellow – and, as these paintings progressed, visual images of maps keep surfacing. I also unintentionally started this series with “0” & “1” – the binary numbers on which computer operations are based. By the end of the workshop, it was painfully obvious that these paintings were not about numerical importance but instead about the way my daytime job (computer work including bookkeeping which was a struggle for me) uses up much of my energy and creativity. The slash of red on one panel seemed to seep from a dark “wound”, very much like my job was bleeding my creative life away. Yet, the vague map-like background acts as a reminder that life is a journey that is not just tied to my present analytical job, which, although interesting, does not represent my true self.

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