My Story



Who is Wendy Bachiu?

I am a Canadian artist based in the Great Lakes region of Ontario.

I discovered cold wax & oil mixed media about 15 years ago. Shifting away from conventional painting methods into more experimental approaches, I was surprised to experience a freedom, almost relief, when working in abstract. In this style, my paintings have to rely on good design principles, strong drawing ability, a clear understanding of colour theory and usage, along with the expertise to translate my vision into a finished piece. I can concentrate on organic textures, while applying subtle layers of paint and removing other surface areas to define the image that I desire. By combining shapes, patterns and lines, using balance, connection, movement and hidden elements, my paintings evolve from idea to finish. The resulting paintings have a topographical quality, a secret terrain that invites closer inspection.

I am an art instructor. I believe everyone is creative in some way. My purpose is to inspire students to reach a new level or goal in their artistic adventure. When I teach, I encourage each student to be courageous and try something outside their original thinking!

My background is graphic design. The graphic design work I most loved were the countless interpretive signage for local historical and natural sites, both things that are important to me.

I am connected to the earth, having inherited my farmer father’s love of the land and all things in nature. I am thankful to live a life filled with creativity, nature, health, along with friends and family who wish the best for me.

View my resume here: Curriculum Vitae  but personally, I’d prefer that you spend the time doing art!